Thursday, August 8, 2013

My review of Seagate Wireless Plus - Family entertainment on the go

My review of Seagate Wireless Plus is here.  It's great for taking a large amount of entertainment on the go!


  1. The drive is awesome however the WiFi is a bit flakey, it will not hold an IP once you turn it off and back on if between then and when you turn it on some other wifi device is dished out an IP by the router then the drive IP changes. It wont change in Settings, but if you look up your connected wireless devices in your router connected devices page you will see the name you named your drive and its IP that is what I now have to use to connect no longer is it the

    1. I use 192.168.x.x for my home network and I have no issues. Unless your private network is so big and need to use 172.16.x.x-172.31.x.x, I would say try that. It sounds like your router isn't handling DHCP correctly; it's not holding onto leases for some reason.