Sunday, October 12, 2014

Getting plot to work in Octave OS X installation

I am new to Octave, and when I attempted to plot something using the plot() function, I was getting this error:

gnuplot> set terminal aqua enhanced title "Figure 1"  font "*,6" dashlength 1

         line 0: unknown or ambiguous terminal type; type just 'set terminal' for a list

After some Google search and experimentation, here's the solution I found to work. You need to edit "octaverc" file in the following path:

sudo vi /usr/local/octave/3.8.0/share/octave/site/m/startup/octaverc 

(FYI, I have the version 3.8.0 above, so yours may be installed in a different folder.)

In that file, add this line at the end:


Save the file, and that GNUTERM environment variable will be set every time you run octave. This works for OS X Maverick.

Others have also reported the following to work (instead):


I suspect that works for folks who installed XQuartz, which is an X11 implementation for OS X that is no longer included in more recent versions of OS X.


Friday, June 13, 2014

How to fix iPad no sound issue

I ran into a weird issue, where I wasn't getting any sound in some apps like Hooked on Phonics and Sky Fish.  I tried reinstalling those apps, quitting all other apps, etc. as some suggested, but they didn't work for me.

Then it occurred to me, that some software may not have been written correctly to work with the Lock Rotation / Mute switch; what if the developer assumes the switch is only used for Mute?  I decided to test out that hypothesis, so proceeded to my Settings screen, changed my current selection back to Mute (which is the iOS default), and Voila, it worked!!!

What's more interesting, is that once the "problem was fixed", I was able to go back to the Lock Rotation setting, and vice versa, and those apps were no longer having issues.  So, I am thinking that there could be some bug in the iOS - possibly with its Restore feature, as this iPad was recently restored from its iCloud backup - that is not properly setting some of the internal bits regarding the sound device availability (whatever that's linked to the Lock Rotation / Mute physical switch);  it's possible that that switch was on the Mute position when it was restored (but then why didn't other apps have issues?).

Anyway, I hope this is helpful to those having a similar issue.